Saturday, February 7, 2009

Energetic they are

Scorpio Women will not back down a challenge, will not procrastinate, she is genuinely tender, loving and caring. Even though some do think Scorpio Women are self destructive. In my opinion I do have the tendency of sabotaging some situations by my way of wanting things perfect.

Scorpio Women are not natural "socialisers", but the funny thing is that we do keep close friends for many years. Maybe it is because those friends know about that one outstanding quality in which they can trust Scorpio Women, never to gossip. Scorpio Women are Not one of those whom come to your home unannounced, that is part of their respectable personality. Scorpio Women do find it hard to relax. They are not hyper but very strong will.


  1. That dj very true for me, I'm really not a social butterfly but have a handful of close friends that understand.