Sunday, February 8, 2009

Scorpio Women: what a package

This eighth sign of the zodiac is a great package to unwrap. Scorpion Women have very strong determination power, once their mind is made up they will head full force and no one can change that no matter what the consequence/s may be. Know that Scorpio Women are not difficult to handle as long as you understand them. They believe life is meant to be lived to its fullest.

Scorpio Women live a disciplined & principled life. They are very confident and poised. They are loyal friends & dangerous enemy. They have grand intuition. By nature, they are emotional, sensitive and get easily hurt.

Scorpio Women are very ambitious and constructive. At time they are jealous, violent, very aggressive and temperamental. Generally they are great people, fun to be around, very warm hearted, helpful and selfless. Scorpion Women do well in research work, medicine, business, travel agency, psychology, counselor even writing suspense novels.

Scorpio Women are great money savers they will buy essentials and hold for extravagance.

Health wise, Scorpion Women usually suffer from boils, piles, urinary problem.

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