Monday, February 2, 2009

Scorpio Women and their money

Today, Scorpio Women as usual I was reading our horoscope while sipping my favorite coffee when it came to me. Why not reporting what that lady say. She wrote:"Many things connected to work will go well between now and July. She added, we should get a raise and making more money. I smiled while swallowing a sip and deep inside I said: "Yes, there is a guaranty!"

Belonging to the Scorpio Women population, I was puzzled about this particular one that goes by: "you might get a more attractive workspace" again I said to myself, Scorpio Women always find a challenge somewhere. In my case, I have owned a neighborhood store for 4 years now, which was a challenge to get off the ground. Now, I want to move onto something else so I list it for sale. So far nothing but I read "might" so I wondered, it a 50/50 chance? Scorpio Women we have that tendency of thinking the worse. As Scorpio Women, we do loooooove an airy and organized space.

Lets talk about money, who doesn't like or appreciate that beneficial and essential tool? Yes, us Scorpio Women we are excluded from that bunch whom says:

"money is Evil"

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