Thursday, February 5, 2009

Scorpio Mothers

Right after Valentine's Day comes Mother's Day. Scorpio Women whom are mothers have that individualistic attitude, their taste aim towards loving plant life. Therefore a variety of flowers, medicinal or herbal plants can be handed to her. Those Scorpio Women are more than just your "mom". Scorpio Women are your best friend, your teacher, your role model and your guardian angel. As a parent, Scorpio Women can be strick disciplinarian, although you reward your children rather generously for achievements. You hate seeing them wasting their time and their potential.

Scorpion women 's relationship with her children is very tense and emotional. Your love, support and guidance are always there for them.

One needs to know that Scorpio Women have the power and intensity to comfortably and efficiently deal with a friend, a job, a family and the household all at once.

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