Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Strait truth

Scorpio Women are watchful, quiet and dedicated mates. However, each will have a profound depth and attraction to love and what accompanies love in their life. A grand majority of people feel nervous and uneasy under Scorpio Women's steady gaze. If you are a sensitive person please, never ask any of these Scorpio Women for advice. You will get the naked truth plain and simple nothing personal. Also, Scorpio Women can tell you exactly who can be trusted and which ones you will have to keep a close eye on.

They require a strong security within a relationship without feeling that they have a doormat as partner. Scorpio Women always command Respect. Career changes late in life are not uncommon. Myself I am on my 3rd (Tourism, Administration and Self employed)

I am advising you to be on your guard with Scorpio Women, not that they are wicked. But, They are not soft nor naive.


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